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Dear voters,

Over the past few years, the CSV councillors of the Dudelange town council have been committed to a critical and constructive opposition policy.
Now a change is necessary: The undemocratic absolute majority of another party can be abolished with your support on 11 June.
In our opinion, the aldermen and the municipal council should form a team that builds the future of Dudelange together.
We want a constructive dialogue between all parties that mandate the 19 elected councillors. We want to lead a transparent, collegial and democratic policy in Dudelange, based of course on a permanent exchange with you, the citizens.
The CSV is ready to take its responsibilities.
We are a partially renewed team of 19 candidates, coming from the heart of Dudelange society and endowed with competence and initiative.
We have clear visions on the conception and evolution of the city of Dudelange, not only for the next 6 years, but beyond.
We tackle problems and propose concrete solutions.
Give the CSV in Dudelange a chance, trust us, and vote for list number 4!
Our hearts beat for Dudelange.

Michèle Kayser-Wengler,
Councillor and head of the CSV list

Basic school 

Listening to teachers; increasing the number of external contributors; transparency in the planning of investments; efficient internet and tablets in all buildings; rational use of mobile phones; making journeys to school safer. 

Childcare facilities 

Forest crèche with appropriate pedagogical concept; crèche for municipal staff; charter for cooperation between crèches; promotion of the Luxembourg language; external speakers; retreat facilities; sufficient time off for children to participate in family life; appropriate menus in the canteen; parents’ committee; in-depth cooperation between the school and the centre. 


Counselling in a multicultural café for parents and children; promotion of motor and cognitive development of babies; trampoline area; holiday activities in nature for children and adolescents. 


Revision of the youth council concept; increase in the number of apprenticeships in the municipality; pop-up creative youth centre in the centre; self-controlled youth centre; insulated container for young musicians; covered skating rink; affordable start-up accommodation for young people. 

Senior citizens 

Senior citizens’ representative; service residences; multigenerational residences; furniture for senior citizens in the neighbourhoods; covered areas on playgrounds; adaptation of bus routes on request for trips outside the municipality. Extend the offer of the bus on demand in case of disability: transport to the REHA-Zenter. 

Proximity to citizens 

Better communication of municipal administrative decisions; improvement of the accessibility of the Dudelange website; welcome meetings for new residents; improvement of the climate in the municipal services; preparation of the services for digitalisation and sustainability. 

Social policy 

Purchase of land by the municipality for affordable housing; communication of subsidies and grants from the municipality; better support for the Centbuttek; support for proactive employment measures.   

Citizen participation 

Listening to and respecting parents’ committees, the children’s council, the citizens’ panel; improving the functioning of the participatory budget; regular information meetings for citizens 


Publications in several languages on the city’s website; integrative neighbourhood life; integration policy for asylum seekers; projects for the inclusion of young children in schools and childcare facilities; barrier-free access everywhere; awareness-raising on the “Diddeleng Hëlleft” projects in schools and halfway houses.  


Improved lighting in the neighbourhood with motion detectors. 

Sport and societies 

Covered stands on sports fields; open swimming pool: free admission for all school children, better opening hours for the public (morning, night), online service for admission tickets; fair and transparent distribution of subsidies to societies; improvement of the visibility of associations; adequate sports structures: refurbishment of the stands and refreshment area at the Nosbaum Stadium, boxes and roofing at the basketball court in Nei Schmelz

Culture and tourism 

Attractive overall tourism concept; improvement of digital and multilingual information facilities for tourists; enhancement of the industrial heritage in Nei Schmelz; renovation of the facade of St. Martin’s church; restoration of the protected building of St. Eloi’s chapel; upgrading of the campervan station in the Italy district; improvement of the range of hiking and biking trails; redevelopment of a public grill station

Public health 

Planning of a medical center in Nei Schmelz with a policlinic, X-ray, MRI, medical centre and pharmacy; strengthening of the municipal school health service. 

Trade and crafts 

Improving the attractiveness of Dudelange for the craft industry by creating sustainable craft zones (Koibestrachen, Helper, Wolser); support for innovative companies and start-ups; satellite offices for cross-border commuters with integrated day-care centre’s, which will also benefit the retail and catering industries. 

Development of the city 

Harmonious growth with an appropriate mobility concept; meeting zones for all age groups in the districts; green areas in the centre; dog park; pet cemetery. 

 Urban planning and housing 

Responsible investment in affordable housing for young families; accelerated development of greenfield sites in the municipality; constructive cooperation with private developers; relaunch of the Nei Schmelz district; promotion of alternative forms of housing (collective and inclusive housing); central and service housing for senior citizens, multi-generational housing; coherent regulations for tiny houses on private land; start-up housing for young people. 


Coherent mobility policy respecting all participants; safe, fluid and responsible private transport; effective and accelerated solution to the problem of level crossings; 30 km/h zones with pedestrian crossings; connection of neighbourhoods by safe soft mobility; signposting of diversions for soft mobility on building sites; improvement of the supply of bicycle parking spaces; improvement of rail links with Luxembourg City; feasibility study for a train-tram line between Volmerange-les-Mines and Bettembourg; bus link to Noertzange station at peak times; direct road link between Bettembourg road and Noertzange road along the A31; “Shared Space” concept for the “A Bëlleg” district. 

Environment and energy 

Maximum investment in the climate pact and the climate alliance: more greenery in the neighbourhoods, green spaces at bus stops, playgrounds with shade, promotion of flowering meadows, insect hotels and green entrance areas; promotion of renewable energy sources and information on the allocation of subsidies; photovoltaics on balconies; support for associations for “Green events”; waste sorting at public events in close cooperation with associations; foodsharing and repair-café projects 

Financing and investment policy 

Financing plans with consequential cost calculations for large-scale investments; strict control of quotations and their implementation.